Styles across projects

This may be something basic, but I couldn’t find.

I’ve lately been working within a single scriv. project for a fairly long time, and have set up a pretty elaborate collection of styles (both character- and paragraph-styles, with their compiler options – basically a way to not having to write too much code).
But now I must work on some other stuff, which is in a different scrivener project. Is there any way to copy all that setup over to this one? I know I can export preferences, but not sure styles are included in that. The styles & compiler setup would be the most important thing here, but my compiler formats I can access from different projects so that’s not a problem.

Any pointers would be a great help. Thank you!

Try creating a template based on your favourite project. then created a new project based on that template. content will also be in the new project and you can delete all or some of that. i usually resave the template without that content.

There are two things worth knowing about, one or both of which might help you out:

  1. For simple project-to-project transfer of the stylesheet, use the Format ▸ Style ▸ Import Styles... menu command from the project you want to update, and select the master project that has your styles set up.

    For details on this process, see §17.5, Copying Stylesheets Between
    , in the user manual PDF.

  2. That’s good for keeping projects that are alike in sync, but if you’ve got a good set of styles that you’re happy with using going forward, then go into the Editing: Formatting preference tab, and click the Set Styles Defaults... button at the very bottom. You can use that same button to get back to the factory defaults if you ever change your mind.

And as noted above, project templates are a good way to keep different special-purpose style sets ready to go.

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Thank you both, this is all very helpful – I’ll experiment with it later today. I think @AmberV’s first solution will be the easiest in this case (just because it’s not a brand new project so a template is a bit “too late” in the process).
Thanks again!

EDIT: Didn’t wait until “later today” – it was super easy and even copied the keyboard shortcuts. A very happy camper here :slight_smile: .

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