Styles are super flaky in general

I’ve loved using Scrivener to write my novel, but Styles drive me up the bloody wall. I don’t know how, but you seem to have created the world’s first non-deterministic bit of software.

Bear in mind that all of the following occurs just swapping between one style and ‘no style’.

First, switching between the style and no style sometimes preserves emphasis (italics etc), and sometimes obliterates it - or sometimes obliterates just some sections of it.

Sometimes, switching between the style and no style will apply the correct first-line indent - and sometimes it won’t, and I’ll have to switch back and forth a couple more times to make it work (rolling the dice as to whether emphasis is preserved each time)

Sometimes, when I create a new text page, it will correctly adopt all the default ‘no style’ values - and sometimes it won’t. Sometimes the first line indent will be missing. Sometimes the line spacing will be wrong. Sometimes the font will be wrong.

Usually, when I copy and paste a paragraph of text, the pasted section loses the line spacing preference and defaults to 1.0, even when pasting into the middle of 2.0 spaced text. Bizarrely, the only exception to this is when I resort to copying a chunk of text into a new page in order to get all the default style settings there.

In short, it’s painful and frustrating, and I’d very much like it not to be.

If this is in regards to the Windows beta version, then you might want to PM a mod to move it to the beta forum, so the developers see it.


Oh good. I thought I was going mad. Elements of the style seem to apply randomly - e.g. sometimes the font, sometimes not the font. The only thing I’d expect to be style proof would be locally applied highlighting - bold, italic, underline. I assume this is all on the fix list?