Styles doesnt work (Win)

There were other problems that I didn’t have with the previous version. I deleted Scrivener and am back to the previous version. There were just too many problems with the version for me.
Thanks very much!

Hello its me again with an Update-Problem!
With the “old” Scrivener I had a project of !!!600 pages and 50 chapters!!!. If I changed something in the font, it was adopted in the entire project - and I changed a lot lot lot, without problems.
In the new Scrivener I have inserted text with RTF according to the video instructions from L&L. I made my own format (Roboto-Mono-12-Lightgrey-1.5 line spacing).
It looks normal in Scrivener, but when I compile the text (RTF, Word, Epub) I sometimes have black text, sometimes light gray and the rest of the format was only adopted for the first chapter, the test is unchanged.
Test with a new text taken from a text editor (Sublime Text) without format.
Everything formatted to “without style”
to really get the text in,
then to “My Style”.
Text divided into several chapters.
Changed my style to Roboto-Mono-12-lightgrey-1.5,
compiled text and again only the first chapter is changed.
I can also click on each letter in the text, “My Style” is always displayed, but not implemented.
Dear universe, finally get me a MAC!!!
Does anyone have an idea?

MacOS won’t help if you do not understand how Scrivener works. Perhaps a better idea would be to do the Interactive Tutorial from the Help menu again?

Or read Sections 4.6 and 9.9 in the book about the difference between Editor Styles and Compile Styles…


Thank You Antoni!
I will do the Tutorial again and read your book too.
It would be laughable if I didn’t become a Scriv-Pro :joy:

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Thank you for this important tip!
So far I’ve worked with a German manual and now I’ve read through a few pages of the English InteracticeTutorial and have already learned a lot more than from the entire German manual.
This app is absolutely amazing!
It’s also good for improving my English. I can read and understand very well, but I need Google Translate to write.
Thanks a lot for your help!


Thanks again for your help Antoni, the English tutorial is worlds better than the German version.
But if formatting is not applied, is not displayed in the style window, the text is compiled incorrectly and Scrivener is very slow, has nothing to do with my experiences :wink:
I’m back to now and all my problems are gone.
I love this tool, it’s a brand new work and I’m really looking forward to your book!