"styles" for export and printing?

I’ve got a default “view” for writing in Scriv that is comfortable for me to write in. However my end result for the export/print may vary from document-document.

For instance, an editor might have one requirement, my teacher might want another format. Is there a way to set up a bunch of styles (and that’s not the right word, but is close) so that in the export dialog I can choose between saved formats so I don’t have to change the font/margin options.

That said, if I create a template for the specific format will the export options carry over? If so, that’s acceptable since I’ll know ahead of time which format I need.

This is very easy to do. In the Export Draft sheet, you’ll find little “Load…” and “Save…” buttons at the bottom left that do just what you’re after. It’s also great for when you sometimes need to print a specific hunk of a large document.

Thank you. I shall now demand my money back from the last eye exam I had. Clearly, these new glasses aren’t working. :wink:

Talking of eye tests, don’t let anyone tell you that sitting and staring at a computer for hours every day is bad for your eyes. I just had an eye test and have 20/20 vision apparently - despite the fact that for the past ten years I have had weakening prescriptions of glasses. :slight_smile: