Styles: how they will be?

KB spoke sometime about a new feature: styles.

I’d like to know this: will be possible to make a “search” in all the binder (or just in some parts of it) looking for all the instances using a specific style? (as in Word for example)

Thanks and keep up all the good work! :slight_smile:

You’d be able to use the Formatting Finder to search for all instances of a specific style, in the same way you can currently use the Formatting Finder to find, say, all red text.


And, will be possible to select all the instances and change them?
For example: applying to all instances (just in one time, as in Word) red color or red highlight or another style?

Because actually with formatting finder i don’t think is possible to apply, for example, red color to all the yellow words.

What would be the point of a styles system that didn’t allow you to change the formatting of all the text associated with a particular style in one fell swoop? That’s the whole point of styles, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Now I can sleep gold dreams :slight_smile:

Thanks KB! :wink: