Styles in Edit Scrivening mode

Hi Keith,

I suspect that applying styles, copying and pasting styles, and copying and pasting rulers, do not work in Edit Scrivening mode.
I would find these operations very useful. For example, pasting styles to several older documents from an older document, when all them are shown in Edit Scrivening; or choosing a style from the ruler’s menu, while you are reading all documents as a single, linear scrivening.
Do you think this can be done?

Best regards,

As you are probably already aware, this issue is covered in the FAQ. Because Edit Scrivenings is displaying multiple files in one window, some editor features do not work because (as far as I understand it) a certain amount of “cheating” is going on, when it comes to selection.

Note, the ability to convert all documents in the Edit Scrivenings session to the application default is still available, as this works on the individual files themselves, and not the window as a single unit. So if all you are wanting to do is convert a bunch of imported documents to your standard aesthetic, you can use the Convert Formatting feature in the Documents menu.

Amber, I totally missed the point. Thank you for your hints.