Styles Keyboard Shortcuts

Is there some way to assign arbitrary keyboard shortcuts to Styles? The right-click menu only allows alt+shift+(1-9) and I don’t see styles in the keyboard shortcut settings.


I confirm it is a pain in the ass for non english keyboards, as these shortcuts does not work, and there is no workaround.
At this time, it is just not possible for us to use shortcuts to apply styles.

There is some quite intriguing point in this statement. Firstly, what do you mean by ‘non-english keyboard’? I do not think my own Cyrillic keyboard is less non-english than yours, but it works perfectly OK with the style shortcuts. What is more, I wonder, really, how a shortcut like Alt+Shift+Digit could be a problem for any keyboard unless it has no digit keys on it.

I cannot say I perfectly satisfied with how the styles are implemented in the upcoming version 3, but let us help the devs to focus on the real problems .

Sorry, I do not own a cyrilic keyboard, glad to know it can do “alt+shift+number”.

I should only have considered french keyboards (AZERTY) , it was a stupid assumption.
So :
I do not know about other langages keyboards, but on french (AZERTY) keyboards ““alt+shift+number”” is not possible as number is shift+key.

Sorry, I did not bear in mind the AZERTY case, and, yes, Cyrillic keyboards are mostly QWERTY based.

Anyway, I am absolutely (99.99%) sure there is a simple and effective ‘official’ solution to your problem (I mean, without any AutoHotKey tricks that some guys here kindly suggest). I know that in current (1.9) Win version, there is no style shortcuts at all, so it was just fundamental improvement in v3. And I do not believe the devs could omit AZERTY case. Hope the proper advice from an experienced French keyboard user or from a dev is on the way.

Thank you for your kind advice. For now there is no workaround (except as you say some global windows key reconfig as with AHK ^^). I sure hope L&L will look into this matter before release :slight_smile:

I have no idea if this will work, but could be worth a try. Windows 10 has an Accessibility and Ease of use Keyboard option of “Sticky keys”. If enabled, you can sequentially press keys instead of holding them down together, so shift-2 could be shift then 2. I’m wondering if you enabled it and then pressed alt, then shift, then shift-2 it might possibly work, since the keys are being sticky.

Have you tried accelerator key sequences? They’re assigned automatically to Styles on the first letter of the style name. So after we’ve selected our text range for the style, we can type Alt-r s c to choose among the styles that begin with C, such as Caption, Centered Text, Code Span. To make a choice, just “C” to it, and press Enter. On my menu, Attribution is the only style that begins with A, so Alt-r s a is the shortcut, no Enter required.

Rgds - Jerome

Yes it works, thank you. Not as convenient as a real shortcut, but will help for now :slight_smile: