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I’d like it if there was some way to switch off the styles panel’s behavior where it auto-scrolls the styles list to indicate the style at the current cursor position.

I use a lot of styles during composition, and whenever I go to the styles panel (which I leave displayed most of the time), it is solely to change or apply a style. (In the current case: mostly C.A.S.)
I know what my styles are (visually identifiable in the editor) and I know where they are in my styles list. I don’t need the styles panel to indicate me anything. It gets a bit annoying having to scroll back to my desired style each time.
(I have too many styles involved to simply use the shortcuts.)

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Vincent why not rename styles so they group together by use. So if in certain phase Edit Style A, Edit style B, etc and so group by how you use so would scroll into the group and when shift focus would go to next group of styles.


Not a bad suggestion. As a matter of fact: I do, have my styles grouped by objective. Except that the process is not cut as A then B.
It is a bit of everything, whenever and wherever needed, as it comes ; intertwined.

So: what I get is that the styles panel jumps from a set/group to another.

You could duplicate and rename by work group units and keep original names as well. But again depends on how you use them. I use highlights more since can strip out and just really do headers and a few base styles so not the issue it is for you.

How would that help?

by creating cluster groups of styles for different purposes if you bunch several styles together for certain document types, but not if you have no set patterns of use.

I’m not sure if there is a really good solution to this, because on the other hand, not showing which style is active under the cursor, and requiring one to scroll around constantly to see that information, would also not be ideal. Sure there is the Format Bar, but this panel is meant to be an alternative to that, for those that either don’t want it on that toolbar or don’t even want the toolbar at all.

Maybe something adjacent to this would be better: a toggle in the ••• menu that disables “Show style previews”, which when turned off, would list them all using standard interface fonts, along with the icons and shortcuts (which still needs adding). Then you could see many more styles at a time, and this might be a good compromise for projects that have a lot of them.


I use a system like goalie dad suggests. Parts of my WIP are for a specific publishers’ stylesheet. I prefix all those styles so they stay together, and can be found easily (or skipped) when it comes to compile.

I see your point, indeed it wouldn’t be ideal either, except that it would be user’s choice.

Else, my current solution is that I have my two most used styles (C.A.S) categories split one at the top of the C.A.S. list, the other at the bottom.
So I can scroll wildly, the beginning and the end of the list acting as bumpers.

If a fix requires you guys to go through the trouble of reproducing the styles menu in such a tight space, I’m not sure it is even worth the consideration. I’d say screw it, never mind, just forget about it. (Factoring in the idea of the C.A.S. represented as bland makes it feel even less as time well spent. – I am taking for granted that programming something like this is not all that simple.)

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