Styles won't copy when syncing IOS back to Mac

When I created “styles” on my mac version and synced to dropbox for the IOS version on my iPad Pro, I was able to export the style formatting and create the .plst xml file that mapped to my project in IOS. However, when I synced the IOS project and then chose to continue working on it on the Mac I seemed to have lost the “styles.”
Is this a bug or if not, how can I somehow integrate the styles back into my identical project on the Mac?

I think the confusion might be in that you’re thinking in terms of mapping presets to a particular project. Presets on all platforms are application level settings; always have been. You export your settings from the Mac, you import them into the iOS app, and that’s it. There isn’t even a way of getting presets from iOS into the Mac version (there would rarely be a point, since you can’t edit or create presets on the fly).

So with that in mind, I can’t say why you lost your presets on the Mac. That must have occurred through some independent sequence of actions. Perhaps you meant to copy the Styles.plist file out of the Application Folder but moved it instead, and that cause Scrivener to reset to default presets the next time you launched it?

Hmmmm, Amber,
After deciphering your reply (thanks), I’m thinking the problem began when when I started my project a long time ago and chose to save it in a dropbox folder with the name of my project and NOT the APP folder. When I synced files on my iPad Pro, I noticed that the the only presets that showed up were the defaults. I then selected Format/formatting/Export Presets to IOS and it worked fine: my presets showed up n the IOS version.

Then, after working on the IOS version, I saved the project and chose to sync it to dropbox. After then closing the IOS version and opening the Mac OS version (and syncing the files), the presets disappeared. I suppose it must be because I chose to keep my Dropbox files in a folder with my project name that was to subfolder under the APP folder.

Does this make sense? And if so, I’d say, if not clearly documented it’s closer to a bug than a feature. — Or did I not understand your explanation?

Just to be clear of one thing, the special file that stores your Mac formatting presets is not related to anything you’d be working with in the Dropbox folder, under normal circumstances. The iOS plist file can certainly dwell on Dropbox, that’s a good way of pushing your formats to multiple devices, but the Mac version stores its presets, along with the rest of its support files, in your ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener folder.

You can also get there from Scrivener’s main application menu, using the Reveal Support Folder in Finder command (in fact I’d recommend that if you bought from the Mac App Store). Do you use Time Machine? If so, you could probably zoom back to hours before the presets vanished and restore the “Styles.plist” file that should be in the top level of that support folder (with Scrivener closed of course). That may get them back, but as to why they disappeared—that’s still a complete mystery to me.

Here’s the puzzler: the Mac version isn’t even aware of Dropbox—it’s not even aware of the iOS version in a real-time sense, the only way they communicate is through projects. The way we designed sync, it doesn’t rely upon any specific technology or direct connections between anything. Everything needed to sync the project is on the disk, inside the project’s internal structure, and thus portable on anything that can otherwise store the project (Dropbox just happens to be a handy mechanism for moving the project around, and made more so by the iOS version having integration with the service). Syncing in the Mac version is merely opening both sets of data, comparing them and then merging the data into one single set.