Seems like the Styles drop down menu in v1 has been replaced by Formating in v2? Is there an easier way to access it rather than via Format – Formating?

There’s a drop-down menu in the Format bar still–all the way on the left, looks like a little paragraph mark next to the letter “a”. It’s Apple’s new style.

Oh shoot, that was a horrible pun by accident. I need to get away from the computer awhile. :imp:

Yup, make sure you have the Format Bar turned on; that is in the Format menu. With that on, the left-most button that looks like a paragraph symbol next to an underscored ‘a’ is the handiest Preset access.

Got it. Thanks you guys. Not the most intuitive icon ever but it is there.

… no such thing as a bad pun.

I don’t agree, there have been very few complaints or expressions of confusion over where this feature is—and I don’t think it would be safe to say that there are many who just don’t know it is there and so do not know to ask, because this button used to be on the far-right side and labelled as “Presets”.

So while it may not have been intuitive for you, overall it has been a success. Everyone has a unique psychology. :confused: