Styles ...

A while back I changed a body paragraph to have 12 point space after. I think I set that to default, because – as intended – now all my body paragraphs are set off by a blank line.

My block quote paragraphs, however, are not. If I change one block quote paragraph to have 12 point after, and set the default … does it set the default for block quote? Or will it set everything to look like that?

I’m hoping for the former but afraid to try it … thanks!

The set default button changes the app default text for new documents and what is used when tapping the “Use Default Formatting” button. Styles themselves are immutable on iOS.

Hi Amber … so since my default formatting includes 12pt spacing after, why do my body paragraphs display 12pt spaced after but my block quote paragraphs do not?

Have you added the 12pt of after-paragraph spacing to the preset used to set block quotes (on the Mac and then exported back to iOS)? A paragraph preset will change all paragraph settings on the selected text, it doesn’t matter what the text’s spacing settings were prior to using the preset on it.

Hi Amber.

I’ve not imported styles from the Mac yet. What I did was change a paragraph (that happened to be styled Body) to have 12 points after, and then set default to that.

I guess what’s going on that I haven’t assimilated is that all the new paragraphs are styled default, not Body, so they pick up that 12 points.

I guess I haven’t tried setting one of those spaced-out paragraphs to Body to see if the 12 points goes away. I guess maybe it will.

I’ll have to fiddle with importing styles, I guess. I’d like to see this aspect of Scrivener iOS improved a bit as time and resources permit.


Things will become more like stylesheets in the future, which it sounds like you’re trying to use them as, where “body” is something a paragraph can be referred to as being set to. Right now think of them as formatting brushes.

That said, for now anyway, this will remain driven from the computer side. The iOS version will respect styles saved into the project (rather than globally as they current work) and show updates to those styles as they are changed off-mobile.

i think i understand, just have to get used to it. thanks!