Styling a page?

Hey guys. I may be doing things wrong, but in Scrivener 2, I was able to create a new text file and style the whole page with courier 12 pt double space (manuscript format). It seems in Scrivener 3, I can’t get a style to stick to a whole page. Sometimes after hitting enter it goes back to the default style. Is there some way to format a whole page as a certain style, or maybe even make a folder have it’s own default formatting for new pages within it?

I like to do my notes in the default format, but my manuscript in manuscript format. Thanks!

In general, you should use the default style (No Style) for most paragraphs. You set that in Preferences > Editing > Formatting for new documents in this project and beyond. If you want to set a default for this project only, use Project > Project Settings > Formatting.

Any paragraph in the default No Style will automatically mean the paragraph following it will also be in the default No Style format.

But if you create a new Paragraph Style to override the default No Style for a few paragraphs or more, then you have to tell it which style the NEXT paragraph will be in, otherwise the next paragraph will default back to No Style.

To do that, select some text to which you have already assigned and choose Format > Style > Redefine Style From Selection > .

In the dialogue which comes up, you can select the following style – either ‘This One’ or any other.