Styling is not respected when hitting "return"

I have created a template that includes some boilerplate text with a specific style assigned. When I hit the Return key, the Body style is abandoned for project defaults and I end up having to select all the text and forcing the style application again.

Similar problems have plagued me since I first started using Scrivener, where paragraph breaks, indents, etc. seem to be inconsistent. This is really obnoxious when it comes to writing out lists inline and trying to escape them to return to normal flow - indents are lost and the formatting becomes inconsistent.

Because I’m using multiple styles in the template, is this interfering with the hard return behavior? How can I force the applied style be maintained?

We do not recommend using a Body style. Most text in your manuscript should be unstyled. See Section 15.6.1 in the manual for further discussion.

With that said, you can specify the “Next Style” as part of a style’s definition.


Ah! I get it… in a previous discussion, you had mentioned styling as a way to control certain compiler functions, but I realize I misunderstood the intent. I actually prefer to write without adding any styles, but because I need to export to docx for submission, I figured it would be good to put it into the Scrivener template.

Do I understand correctly that I should instead let the compiler add those styles for output, and not use them while writing?

I guess my impulse would be to have a style assigned but not have it be exactly visible. I’ll read more into the manual tonight.

Thanks again for your help! You are a font of Scrivener wisdom :slight_smile: