Sub-dividing the Draft folder

Not wishing to high jack another thread I will start a new one.

If I subdivide the Draft folder into Book 1, Book 2, etc. will I be able to select material from each “Book” when compiling?

Also, is the Research folder required? I actually do not believe I have it in one project which will not be compiled.

I ask these questions as most of my storage topics start as “top Level” folders in a dedicated “Research” project I maintain to better help in sorting large batches of data.
These will never be compiled so no worry there.

Thank you


Individual folders within the Draft can be selected in compile to narrow the scope without having to deselect “include in compile” from the other items in the Draft. In the expanded compile window, just select the folder from the pop-up menu in the top of the “Contents” pane. At the moment I believe there’s a bug where this selection isn’t being remembered, so you may need to reselect the folder each time you run the compiler, though that may not be too big a deal unless you’re compiling a particular book frequently. In that case, you might prefer to move the book folders you’re not currently working with outside of the Draft, to just be top-level folders of their own, and then drag the finished book folder out and drag the next one in when you’re ready to switch. Since everything is still neatly contained in its own book folder, that’s easy to do, and in fact I often do that myself just so that I can use the “Search in Draft” field when running a project search and limit it to just the book draft I’m currently working on.

The Research folder cannot be deleted from the project, but you can rename or just not use it at all if you don’t want it.

I appreciate your prompt reply.

At risk of appearing a tad dense I must ask if we are on the same page.
I used the term “Sub-dividing the Draft folder” to mean putting each of these “books” on the same top level as the Draft folder as though each was a theoretical Draft folder.
Is this how you read my query?


Ah, no, I did misread that and answered as though you were putting the book folders as subitems of the Draft. Let me try again.

Only items in the Draft can be compiled,* so you will not be able to compile your separate top-level book folders without first dragging them into the Draft folder. This is, however, essentially the combination of the two ideas that I personally use: I have a separate folder for each book and keep these at the top-level (siblings to the Draft rather than children) except for the one I’m currently working in; that one goes inside the Draft folder, so that I can compile and also use features like limiting the project search to the Draft or setting project targets for the Draft and have these only apply to the particular book in progress. Dragging folders around is easy if you collapse them first, and since I tend to be working on a given book’s draft for a while, I don’t need to be moving them very often anyway.

  • The exception to Draft-only compile is compiling a collection; only text documents in the collection will be available for compile, but they can come from any part of the binder.

Thank you again.

Sorry I was not clear the first time around.

I appreciate all the great help found n these message boards.