Sub-items are empty and Scrivener crashes


(I use Scrivener on Windows 10)

Here’s what happened :

  • Today, everytime I opened my main project Scrivener, it crashed after a few seconds. I assumed it was because the project had become too heavy (almost 1000 items and sub-items, although juste a very few pictures ; the project file is juste above 1 Mo).
  • Therefore, in the folder “Docs”, amongs the 1000 items, I suppressed the heaviest (which contained only a big picture that I didn’t need).
  • It worked partly : I can now open the file and keeping it open without crashing, but when I click on any “file type” item or sub-item , it doesn’t show any content (it just appears white/empty). The “folder type” item, on the other hand, appear as usual.

This Scrivener project is really important, it contains my thesis : the whole categorisation of the 1000 items is really important, I really don’t want to have to create a new project and import all the invididual files and re-organize them. What can I do ?

Thank you very much ; )

  1. restore from one of your backups that you have setup to automatically occur because the project is important.
  2. Worst case, restore from the backup Scrivener makes for you. - See page 53 of the manual. Process is complicated and restore is not automated.