Sub-numbering with title prefixes

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to get my titles numbered by using title prefixes, but I can’t get through an issue in sub-numbering.
I’m working on a rather short document (circa) 20 pages, and have set up a template which I export to Word. Using Scrivener on Mac. It’s my first post on the forum, and whilst I found some similar questions, I have to admit I just couldn’t understand so well

To avoid a long text, I’ve put it all in one image, so check the attachment.
I thought the placeholder <$hn> would be my solution for sub-numbering, but the numbers don’t match that of the main item. I tried <$sn> and even <$parentposition>, but ended getting further and further. Is there something wrong with the way I use the <$hn> placeholder?

Edit: changed the attachment (I had uploaded the wrong version, now corrected)

The built-in hierarchical numbering compile format does exactly that … on the Mac at least. I’ll check it on Windows in a bit, but here’s my test project:

I just checked with your file, and indeed, it works for me too. Something must be odd with the compile format I set up for my own project. I’ll have a look further in depth in a couple days, once my current deadline is over, and try to find out where the problem lies.

Thanks for your quick answer and for taking the time to try it out!