Sub-sections Not Part of Chapter

I attempted to move some sub-sections from an existing chapter to a new chapter. They appeared to transfer fine, and I can see each sub-section under the chapter. However, when I click on the chapter in the binder, no text appears (i.e., it shows 0 words and 0 characters). Can you advise how I might make these sub-sections part of this new chapter? Thank you for your assistance.

Does CTRL 1 load the text?

Slàinte mhòr.

I appreciate your reply, though don’t quite understand it. I can block and copy the text into the chapter. Then, however, I’d have it in two places – the chapter and its sub-sections, which would prove most confusing when editing.

I’m puzzled since all other chapters behave properly, It’s just this new one that is not showing any of its sub-sections when I click on it in the binder.

Turn ON scrivenings for the required chapter.

I strongly recommend you go through the Interactive Tutorial which you can find in the help menu.


JoRo is referring to Scrivenings – that’s the virtual document feature which means that you can see the text of multiple documents as though there were temporarily stitched together.

When you click on a folder, you normally automatically see the subdocuments in Scrivenings view, but occasionally you only see it in ‘single-document’ view - and because you’ve clicked on the folder which doesn’t itself haven’t any text, you won’t see any…

Ctl-1 is the shortcut which toggles between Single document view and Scrivenings view, so that’s the first thing to try. (You can also use the toggles on the tool bar, or the View menu.)

BTW, it sounds like you’re new to Scrivener (as Scrivenings is one of the basic parts of the program). You’ll probably find it very helpful to look at the Interactive Tutorial (on the Help Menu) – it will take about an hour and a half to skim through and afterwards, you’ll have a much better feel for the concepts which make Scrivener so appealing. It’s probably the single most productive step you can take when you first start Scrivener.


Thanks very much for your guidance. Problem solved, though I have no idea why. Rather than hitting “Enter” while in the binder’s Manuscript, I tried the drop down menu “Project” "“New folder” command. For whatever reason, that did the trick. Odd since I’ve always created new chapters in the past by simply hitting “Enter” and never encountered this problem. I suppose it shall forever remain one of life’s little mysteries.

Again, my thanks for your advice.