Subdocuments in characters folder

Not sure if it is a bug or if I’m doing something wrong. I want the new files in the Characters folder to be ordinary text instead of Character sketch. I click Documents - Default template for subdocuments - Text but nothing changes, new documents are still based on the character sketch template. However, I can change the default template to location sketch, which makes me suspect it is a bug. The same is true for Locations folder - I can change the default template till Character sketch, but not to normal text.

Thanks for the report, I have reproduced it and written it up.

This can be fixed on your end manually:

  1. Close the project and navigate to it in Explorer.
  2. I highly recommend zipping the project folder (ending in .scriv), so that you have a backup in case the edit goes wrong.
  3. Within the main project folder, open the .scrivx file in a plain text editor.
  4. Search for <Title>Characters</Title>. This should be your characters folder.
  5. Scroll a few lines down from there, looking for a line beginning with <DefaultChildTemplateUUID>. Delete that line.
  6. Save the .scrivx file and reload the project.

It should be all good now! And again if you accidentally damage the file while editing it, you can use the zipped copy of the project you created to replace it.

Thank you! I might give it a try if i dare :slight_smile:

If it’s not dire, you can wait a bit, as I’ve just seen this bug has been fixed for the next update. :slight_smile: