Folks: The concept of ‘subdocument’ being central to Scrivener, I’m looking for direct definition. Do we consider any nested ‘child’ document or object to be a ‘subdocument’?

Why am I asking this question? Because like many, I suppose, on downloading Scrivener I simply double clicked and started using it. Now however I’m doing what I’ve done several times in the past: recognizing that Scrivener is now my primary tool, spending time with the documentation makes sense.

I have other questions, too, having to do with Collections, but I’m starting a new thread.


Alternatively, a “subdocument” could be any of the component elements of a Scrivener project, whether nested under another element or not. (This usage is most likely in discussions of the Compile command, where all the components of the project are combined to create a single output document.)