Subject? Not really.

I’ve been trying all writing tools for the Mac in the recent years. Now it’s Scrivener’s turn. So far I like it, especially the interesting full screen mode. :slight_smile: Like many others I’ve been an avid Ulysses user, but … well, you know the drill. Folders. Italics. Stuff like that.

But I might get very angry … if I find out that the Screenplay mode works for me - I might have saved MUCH money for “Montage” if I had known sooner … :wink:

So instead of lurking - this is my friendly Hello. :slight_smile:

Hey Typo, Welcome & Hello to thou!

Yeah, but remember the Scrivvy screen/stageplay modes are for drafting only - and not meant to replace a full-featured formatting program. Then again, perhaps you’re using montage just for drafting?

No, I use Montage for everything concerning screenplays. It’s still an early release and sometimes acts a bit weird, but it seems to be on track. I like having one project file and all stuff in it: notes, drafts, outlines, final text, reference material. Montage works like this, just as does Scrivener, as far as I can tell.

Too bad, that I didn’t have the chance to use both apps in depth recently, because I’m currently working for customers who prefer to handle their text assets in Exc(h)el(l) …

Scrivener does work beautifully for these things - except, I imagine you’re still going to need Montage/Final Draft for your submitted text. Scrivener doesn’t have - and as far as I know, won’t ever have - things like Mores/Continueds, simultaneous diagloque, etc. But as far as bringing a script to near completion, I’d vastly prefer working in scriv to either of those programs. I do hope Montage will eventually be good enough to replace FD. :wink: cheers!