submissions-ready compiles?

I’m wondering if Mac users want to comment on whether they really use the compile feature to generate submissions. Or if they push rtf files back to Word and edit it again there. I just want to know what to expect. It seems to me that Scrivener is likely to be worth it for the corkboard and character tracking features alone, so I’m going to be a happy camper. But I’ve brought some files in from Word and lost quite a bit of formatting. IE, TNR 12 is the default font for most submissions in the US, but that’s gone. Midstream, the dbl spacing goes away and it’s suddenly single space, and some of the paragraph indenting is lost, and when I hit indent, it double-indents. And I’m not able to get the double spacing back either. I’ve seen this same problem with the text editor in the handwriting conversion program I use with the SmartPen Pulse (MyScript Studio from Vision Objects), which is mostly great, but they claim it’s just the default indent in the text editor and nothing can be done. Hm. Makes no sense to me. Word is 5 spaces, seems like the default should be 5 spaces, end of story.

Anyhow, it just seems to me that this might be an issue with the compile, that you’d not be able to count on a submission-ready export if you couldn’t get the text editor to cooperate. So you’d have to push it back to Word no matter what for a final round. Is that experience in the Mac version as well? Or is this just a beta issue for now? I just want to know what to expect. In the case of the MyScript program, I do expect to go back to Word in the end, so actually what would be happening is that it’s coming from the pen/longhand to the MyScript text editor to Scrivener to Word I guess… :slight_smile:

I keep Word around, but rarely use it. Depending on how complex your documents are, it absolutely is possible to create submission-ready manuscripts in the Mac version.

I don’t know where the Windows version is relative to the Mac, so I don’t know whether it’s possible in the Windows version yet, but that’s definitely a goal.

For your specific issues, make sure that the formatting in the Scrivener document is consistent, for instance that you don’t go from single to double space somewhere in the middle. And make sure that you don’t override formatting when you compile.


Thanks. It’s good to know that this is possible in the Mac platform and I assume will eventually work in Windows. Right now I can’t fix the formatting for stuff that I copy in from Word. Some of the stuff comes in single spaced midway through and then it’s okay later, and it won’t accept my corrections. So it will have to be exported back to Word and then fixed there, I assume. That’s okay if true, I just wanted to know what to expect.

Are you using the Formatting option pane much at all when you compile? If you haven’t seen that, you might need to click the Ellipses button in the compile dialogue to expand the advanced options out. There is a “Formatting” pane where you can have Scrivener make your text uniform in formatting. This is great for precisely the type of stuff you are talking about, where you’ve got a smorgasbord of different formats throughout the project. If you are using that, and still getting inconsistent results, click on the Content pane and and quickly run down the list looking in the “As-Is” column. Items checked off will ignore the Formatting pane entirely.

Thank you. I’ll give it a try. Maybe it will help with the other problem I noticed, which is that on export sometimes apostrophes in Times New Roman show up in some other font. In the Word document you are then unable to fix it… you delete the word and sometimes the whole line but when you retype it shows up in the wrong font again. So then the document can’t be submitted. You have to retype the whole section in a new Word file…