Suboptimal font in full screen mode when using MacBook Pro

Keith, I did some research about the suboptimal font in full screen mode. It seems that the text redering system has been “updgraded” in OS X 10.4 for Intel machines. The new version produces a much more readable fonts in LCD screens, but the side effect is the suboptimal rendering when using full screen mode. The solution is to go to System Preferences, Appearance, and in “Font smoothing style” select Standard-best for CRT. Of course, the side effect is that the normal windows show skinny fonts now, but full screen works great. Is this a switching that could be done from within Scrivener?

I’ll look into this as somebody has mentioned something similar. I am now on a MacBook (one with the yellow discolouration problem, grrr), so I will be able to ensure that Scrivener works fine on Intel machines. The new full screen mode may be a little different anyway (see the BlockWriter thread in the “Other Lit’n’Lat Software” forum below for an idea of what it might look like - although bear in mind that you would not be limited to the typewriter behaviour that the example there implements).

It seems that you can change font smoothing in Preferences just for one app. For instance, before I opened Scrivener, I went to change the font smoothing to CRT. I opened Scrivener, went to full screen, and everything is ok. I went to Preferences and changed font smoothing back. If I open any app, they will use the regular font smoothing, while Scrivener’s full screen keeps the setting.

This behavior leads me to believe that there should be a way to change the font smoothing on an application basis; even just for full screen.

I’m using a Macbook Pro and my real issue is I can’t quite figure out how to up the font for full screen only. Could you tell me if that’s possible? Full screen font is just way too tiny.

Place the cursor at the bottom of the screen. After a couple of seconds, a control panel will appear which will allow you to scale the font.

Excellent! Thanks!