Subscript/superscript MMD code not recognized

I am using ^ to designate superscript, and ~ for subscript, as specified in the MMD syntax guide. If I use Compile: Multimarkdown–>RTF, the subscript and superscript are not formatted, and the output appears as, for example GABA~A (i.e., as originally entered).

When Scrivener previewed in Marked, subscripts are formatted correctly, but superscript are rendered as subscripts.

When the same text is pasted in MultiMarkdown Composer, the sub- and superscripts are rendered correctly.

Any ideas?

Scrivener 2.5; Marked 2.2

It sounds like Marked may be using a slightly older version of MMD for its output. I know we are definitely using an older version, as the last time we released Scrivener there were some deal-breaker issues with 4.0 so decided to wait a while until it settled down. So if this was added fairly recently, that may be why RTFs don’t come out right. Installing your own copy of MMD on the system will solve it most likely. Scrivener defers to a user installation if one exists.

On my system for instance, it works fine compiling from Scrivener straight to RTF, because I’m running MMD version 4.5 on the system. I believe that may fix Marked for you as well as I get subscripts just fine. It’s probably using the same technique Scrivener is for deferring to an installed copy.

Indeed, installing MMD 4.5.2 solved the problem. As always, AmberV aces it. Thanks much!