subsection titles in header.

I think I will need to set up a via latex / docbook workflow, but I’ll check first…

I’ve organised the document so each chapter is a folder with each scene a seperate text document within it (so far, so normal).

Chapters don’t have titles and are set for page breaks between them.
Scenes do have titles and do not have page breaks between them.

In the header (pdf export) If I use sectiontitle it uses the title of the first scene of the chapter for the entire chapter. Is there a way to get it to use the most recent scene title instead? I suspect this will require outside work due to the question of handling what to put on pages where there is two scenes on the page, which is presumably at least partly why sectiontitle keys off the last page breaking section. However I thought it best to ask before I delve too deeply into the use of markdown / etc.

That’s correct, it uses page breaks to know when to cut to a new sectiontitle, so unless all of your scenes have page breaks, there will be no switches in the middle of the chapter. This is just a reasonable assumption to make in most cases, and using an assumption is probably for the best as the Formatting pane is where a manual control for this would have to go—and that’s already pretty jammed up with features. You wouldn’t ordinarily want to assume titles of any sort, as non-fiction’s tendency to go into titled sub-sub-sections wouldn’t ordinarily warrant a section change.

MMD default LaTeX will give you a result like the user manual PDF. I didn’t tweak anything to get section names on the right-hand page and chapters on the left.


I’ve been burnt by latex in the past and have favoured docbook in recent projects, but thinking about it, it should be fairly harmless with no graphs / images / citations, so I’ll give it another try (either that or finish off my experiments with using pandoc).

I think you can go from MMD to docbook with Pandoc. You’d just compile plain MultiMarkdown files out of Scrivener. All of the syntax it produces is Pandoc MD compatible, with the exception of figures with captions and meta-data out of the compiler. So use a “Meta-Data” file at the top of the compile to supply document title, author, and date info. Some of that will be compatible in time, as Pandoc’s caption syntax is the same as MMD3.