subsections becoming chapters and font change when compiling


1 - my subsections are labeled as such, but when i compile, they become chapters. how do i fix this?

2 - how do i keep the font as i have it in the project (arial) and not have it become courier when i compile to a word doc?

thank you!


In Compile’s formatting section, you can deselect the checkbox to “Override text and notes formatting” to preserve the formatting that you have in the editor. You may however want to just select the “Original” preset from the “Format As” drop-down menu. That has the “Override” option already deselected and minimal other settings, so it compiles your documents just as they appear in the editor, without embellishments–no titles, no “Chapter” prefixes, etc. If you do want your binder titles to be included in the compile, you can tick the checkboxes in the “Title” column in that compile formatting window.

If you started your project from a template, there’s probably an “About” sort of document (maybe with a blue triangle information icon?) at the top of the binder. That will have a section about compiling using the template’s compile settings, so it’s worth a look. The template’ compile settings assume that you’ve set up your binder as described in that About document, but often times there are also instructions for alternative ways to structure the project and what to change in compile to account for the changes.