Substitution Issues

OK, I can’t turn off word substitutions, because there are a number of things I really WANT Scrivener to change, such as Bjorn / Björn and so forth.

But the serious limitations of the spell checker are driving me nuts.

I start to read over something I had written, and I find dozens of “spelling errors” where Scrivener has “corrected” what I actually typed to something I didn’t want and which makes no sense.

For instance, “teleconference” was changed to “Telecom.”

“Mage” was changed to “made.” Mage. Like Magi.

“Claus” was changed to “Claws.” Claus is, well, like Santa Claus. Jolly old St. Nicholas.

“Morel” was changed to “moral.” Morel is a kind of mushroom.

Oh, and then “Wonderworker” was simply underlined, and not modified.

It’s really frustrating because having to be on the alert for these “corrections” really interrupts the creative flow.

Seems like Scrivener needs two levels of auto-correct. One for regular spelling, which can be set to just underline a possible misspelling (and which I can then click on and tell it “Yes, correct,” or "No, you need to learn that spelling because I’m going to use it again) or the one like the Bjorn / Björn where I want a specific substitution.

It’s possible that I just don’t know how to set this up. If so, I’d be delighted to learn.

Unless I’m misunderstanding, you should be able to go into the Corrections tab of Tools > Options… and deselect “correct spelling while typing”*, which will prevent mushrooms from turning into ethics, and leave on “enable substitutions”, which will allow you to still have specific replacements that you’ve set up, e.g. Bjorn becoming Björn.

  • I’m not on Windows at the moment, so I might be getting the wording a bit off.

I’ll try it and see. I think I asked about this earlier, and ended up having to turn on “correct while typing” in order to get the Bjorn / Björn change.