Substitution List (Auto-completion Function) Question

Hello, one and all.
I have looked for forum topics pertaining to the (user-adaptable) substitution list that is part of the auto-completion function. Not finding any, I wish to post this comment and questions.

I did a complete uninstall of SfW Beta 2.2 and then intalled Beta 2.3. This seemingly resulted in the loss of the substitution list that I had created.

After searching the registry I located the substitution list there.

My questions:
Is there any way that the registry entry for the substitution list can be saved before uninstalling an old version of SfW and then the data (the substitutions themselves) recopied into the registry after the newer version of SfW is installed? I tried copying the data for the registry key, but could not save it for pasting elsewhere.

As far as a feature wish list is concerned: Is there any way that the substitution list can be saved and (re)loaded as a text file – and thereby bypass the registry completely?

I am using Windows XP on a Dell Desktop.

My thanks for any assistance in this matter.

R. Williams