Substitutions (em-dashes) fail with linguistic focus enabled

This may be a related problem. If I’m editing in compose mode, with Linguistic Focus on, two consecutive dashes results in two dashes, not the expected em-dash. It doesn’t happen every time, about 1 in 3 times. I’m a new writer so I use Linguistic Focus to highlight my overuse of adverbs. The workaround I use is to copy and paste an em-dash from elsewhere. Compose mode is faultless unless I have Linguistic Focus on.

I’ve split this to a new post; it is highly unlikely a compile problem on a different operating system has any bearing on dash substitution while typing.

I can confirm the problem. It appears to only happen when Linguistic Focus has something to highlight, and then smart dashes will not trigger (and probably other substitutions) until the focus tool is refreshed, and then it may not catch all of them when doing so.

By the way there is a much better method than copying and pasting special characters. You can type in em-dashes directly with the ⇧⌥- (hyphen).

Thanks for the report!