Substitutions not always working...?

Hi, I’m new to Scrivener, and so far, I love it. Although I’ve found a few little bugs, (more on those later in the bugs forum) but what I’m wondering is if I’m doing something wrong or missing something in the substitutions options tools. I have several words, that I want to have replaced as I type them, mostly because they use characters such as ā, í, á and such. However, it doesn’t always work! It works on some words, and not others.

I’ve gone to Tools>> Options>> Corrections and tried to enter in my corrections by clicking on the “Edit Submissions” button, and adding the words I want to have replaced in the list. It works for some, but not all of the words I’ve entered. What am I doing wrong? Why doesn’t it change Daithid to Dáithíd, but it changes Ayleth to Āyleth?

Also, I’m notorious for accidentally holding down the shift key as I type the first letter of a word in a new sentence so I tried to set it to change words like THe to the automatically, but it doesn’t. How do I get it to work correctly? I don’t want the auto-correct on, because it changes words that it doesn’t recognize to something it “thinks” the word should be. When writing with different languages, auto-correct is inconvenient at best…but it would be nice to have it fix my two caps in a row for me. Any help would be appreciated.

In Tools > Options > Corrections, when working with Edit Substitutions, a couple of possibilities…

Under Substitutions, be sure that the checkbox for “Enable additional substitutions” is checked.

Down in Edit Substitutions, each individual substitution has its own checkbox, so be sure the checkboxes are checked for the problematic replacements.

Thanks for the response. I double checked both suggestions, and both were already checked. It’s just bizarre… sometimes it works and others it doesn’t. What’s strange is that it does replace all the words that I’ve added to the Substitutions list that have special characters, but it doesn’t substitute words like YOu with you or THe with The. Why would it NOT work for those kinds of substitutions? I’m confounded…

You might directly contact tech support via email, as discussed here.