Substitutions whole-word options?

I accept this might be my using the feature not quite as intended, but I tend to use substitutions for adding in accent marks (Zoe with two dots, etc.) rather than perform the gymnastics of remembering ANSI codes or which menu the ‘special characters’ dialogue is under. Most of the time this is fine as it applies to names, but I prefer the accented form on other words, too. This is where I hit a problem, having taught the substitution of ‘role’ for the circumflex form, only for any word with ‘role’ in the middle of it to also be circumflected (sic). Not what I wanted.

Consequently I went looking for a whole word only option, but is this feature still not available? I saw a necro thread from 2016 about it, but no mention of this feature ever coming. Anyone know if there is a kludge for whole words only or if this will come to the Windows version some day?

I often see people concerned about the complexity of accented characters. There is a very simple solution without substitutions or remembering complex codes. You simply go to your software settings to define your keyboard as US-international. Then if you type "o you will get ö ^o will give you ô. You can then type Zoë or rôle without thinking. Similarly you can type áéíóú or ñãõ by prefacing the character with ’ or ~. I think this will make your life a lot easier.

I hope this helps


I have never seen this option. Thank you! This needs to be linked to all the other discussions about accented letters!

Interesting. I need to look to see if it’s possible with a UK keyboard too. Thanks.

Yes indeed I believe there is a UK international layout.

I think it may be called UK extended layout.

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I just checked and I think that I was wrong about the existence of a UK international or extended keyboard.

However, I did an experiment and it appears that even if you have a UK keyboard you can still use the US International layout and it will not move most symbols (except the £ sign). I think it will then also give you the functionality of the accents. Just one caveat - I am doing this on a Mac, but I think it will also work on Windows. It is a few years since I used Windows, but I do remember using the US international layout under Windows as well.

Thanks for this, but as I’m writing in British English I’m somewhat cautious about swapping, and having gone down a rabbit hole about keyboards in Windows 11, I found someone else querying Microsoft on this issue only for them to be told there is no UK International keyboard option. Sigh. Thanks anyway.

Use Win+. (full stop) to invoke emojis. One of the tabs is for special characters.

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Did not know that existed. Thanks.

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