Substitutions will not insert non Alpha characters

Version: Beta (909024) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2020

Don’t know if this has been reported:

Options -> Corrections -> Substitutions

Enable Additional Substitutions is ON

Replace -> With

“had” -> " HAD" (quotes to show space before HAD)

“had” is replaced with “HAD” without the leading space

Experimentation shows that only a-zA-Z are inserted into the text from the substitution text. At a minimum, the previous version of Scrivener allowed a leading space to be inserted. If this is by design then it’s weird we can’t insert at least a space character!


In playing around with this is issue I discovered something a little more complicated than I originally thought is going on. It’s bedtime and I’m a little too tired to try to describe it right now, I will try in the morning. If a developer wants to look at it, please go ahead, but you might want to wait until I can explain what I’m seeing a little better.



Replace -> With

" had" -> " HAD"

Expected behavior: Fred had -> Fred HAD

This works consistently and correctly, but only AFTER restarting the Scrivener. After creating or modifying the substitution the changes may not “take.”

Hope this helps.