Subtle brackets not showing in Scrivenings mode

I’ve got a document stack, as opposed to a folder, with 5 document “children”. None of the documents has any text, and I have disabled titles in Scrivenings mode, and am using just the brackets, not the horizontal lines separating each document in Scrivenings mode. However, in that view, I only see brackets for the “parent” document stack, unless I add text to one of it’s children, at which point they get the brackets too.

I’m not sure if this is intentional, but it seems that the brackets should provide a clue as to where each sub-document starts.

If I recall correctly, that is more of a limitation of the implementation used, rather than an intended feature or a blind spot. I think the method used to draw these doesn’t work right when empty documents are stacked. The header bar still shows the current item you are editing though, so it is not impossible to use that way.

No, it’s a bug. :slight_smile: I noticed it last week myself and it has been fixed for the next update.
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Hooray! It’ll be nice to see the dividing brackets on my blank documents.