subversion and scrivener. again.

Ok, I been trying out subversion with scrivener for a while now but can’t seem to get it to work. I got subversion setup on my linux server at home, it has worked great with txt and rtf files before, and there has been no problems at all. But when trying it out with Scrivener I get errors even when no user ads new documents to the binder.

What I do is this:

  1. Create a repo on the server.

  2. Import the scrivfile with a single sentence in a single document in the binder.

  3. Two test users checkout a version of the file.

  4. One user adds words at the end of the same document while the other user does changes to the first sentence. (This to simulate writing and revision at the same time)

  5. Then each user does a update and then a commit.

The user who does the last commit allways gets errors and his file gets corrupted while updating.

What am I doing wrong? I know both users can’t add documents to the binder, but is it not even possible to simultaneous edits of the same revision and the same binder object?

We use SvnX as svn-client, if it matters.

I have no problems at all when I do single user edits, but when two users does edits on the same revision I allways end up with these errors and conflicts. And yes, I have enabled svn/cvs saving in Scrivener.

Big thanks on any help I can get on this.


Hmm, I don’t use Subversion myself - have you tried reading the article in the Tips & Tricks section (or maybe it’s in Usage Scenarios) of the forum? The same article can be found in the Tips & FAQ section of the Help file of the new beta (1.08, available from the Beta Testing forum).

Yepp, gone through them a number of times. And, I think I do everything correct. But I will go back and read everything one more time and check if I missed something.

Hopefully one of the guys who use Subversion with Scrivener will be able to help you out. Scrivener was never designed with that sort of thing in mind, so although I added better support in the latest beta, things still won’t be perfect. But given that I don’t use Subversion, you will get a more helpful answer from someone who does. :slight_smile:

I hold my breath and wait for one of the svn-gurus to enlighten me. :smiley: