Subversion - problems due to multi-files?

I have my subversion-compatible preference turned on. I’ve had some intermittent trouble with using subversion (I use “Versions” as my client). Every once in a while my “checkin” fails with a message about something like 1937.rtfd (or related file .svn) missing. I’m not sure what I do to cause this, but suspect it happens when I do a Scrivener merge or split, as that would presumably cause files to be deleted or created under new names.

Might this be the cause of subversion troubles? svn often needs file deletes or renames to be done within svn itself, as opposed to in the file system.



Has anyone else seen this? Any help appreciated…


Hi there,

commit just checks in edits to data already contained in the svn repo. That is, if you create a new document in the binder (or possibly split one into many), svn can’t update the files as they’re not in the repository yet. You’ll need to do an add first.

Alas, I have no idea how you’d pull this off with a bundle format such as .scriv. After all, a .scriv is – from the point of view of subversion – just a directory containing multiple files. And I don’t know whether Versions can deal with updates inside a package gracefully.


Edit: I just tried to commit changes to a .scriv using the finder plugin. No go. The OK button is blanked out.

Edit 2: Okay, with a plain “> svn commit --message mate”, the changes are, well, committed with no problem.