Successfully killed the dropbox connection forever?

I have installed Scrivener on my iPad mini successfully immediately because I was so curious about this app and have waited for it for years. Everything worked really fine. I connected to dropbox successfully and synchronized several test projects with my Mac.

Then I wanted to start working with my ‘real’ writing projects. But therefore I wanted to use another dropbox subfolder - not the default one which I had chosen before.

So unfortunately I did a really good job to kill the connection between Scrivener and Dropbox forever. And I have the strange feeling that only a new Scrivener iPad version might help me.

What happened?

  • I uninstalled Scrivener on my iPad.
  • I removed the folder /Apps/Scrivener and its content from DropBox
  • I unlinked Scrivener within DropBox as described here:

Unfortunately I believed uninstalling Scrivener from the iPad will remove it completely. But it does not. After installing Scrivener again on the iPad it remembered that it once has been connected to Dropbox. Therefore when I press the sync-icon it correctly gives me the error message ''Could not connect to dropbox. There was a problem authenticating the account settings. …" because I have unlinked Scrivener within DropBox.

What have I tried to solve the problem?

  • I have added the folder /Apps/Scrivener again to Dropbox. As expected that did not help because I have unlinked Scrivener within Dropbox.
  • I started the edit mode in Scrivener and opened the Settings menu choosing the ‘Dropbox Settings’. Here still the default path /Apps/Scrivener is ticked. It cannot be removed. Also it is not possible to add another Dropbox subfolder.
  • I uninstalled Scrivener again and shut down my iPad for several minutes. After I have restarted the iPad I installed Scrivener again. But unfortunately it still had in mind that it has been connected to Dropbox once.

Do you see any chance for me to link Scrivener to DropBox again?

I’m really ashamed to cause such troubles but I really love your programm and it would be a big help for my writing projects to use it not only on the Mac but on the iPad, too. Thank you very much in advance for your help!

Have you tried this?

  1. On the projects page, tap “Edit”
  2. Tap the gear icon in the bottom toolbar
  3. Tap “Unlink dropbox”

From your description, it couldn’t make things any worse… :slight_smile:

Hope this helps…

How could I have missed that?!
Thanks a lot, Silverdragon, you saved my weekend! I was really afraid that I would not be able to use Scrivener on the iPad for quite a long time. Because the possibility to synchronize my projects with the Mac is really essential for me. Thank you!

In truth, you did not need to do any of the things you did when making the transition you wanted. That one menu in Scriv with which you link/unlink dropbox and also set its target folder does everything you needed. No need to have uninstalled Scriv and no need to have gone into Dropbox and deauthorized Scriv access!