Sudden (and unwanted) change of font in Editor

Hi Keith,

while I’m constantly in love with Scrivener, and keep talking about it with fellow writers and translators, I’m experimenting a strange behavior (probably after I’ve updated to 2.2 build 15858): I’m writing in Editor, I start a new line and suddenly the font changes itself and I’m writing in Monaco, a font I don’t particularly love; in Preferences, there is no single panel with Monaco as a choice font for just anything (editor, cork board, outliner) - I know, it’s not a big problem, but it’s just annoying, I get distracted (and God knows I don’t need a new source of distraction :smiley: ).
Could you figure out a possible explanation/solution for this?

MacBook Pro mid 2010, Lion 10.7.2, Scrivener 2.2

Thank you all, Lit&Lat guys and girls, and keep up with your work - maybe someone already told you Scriv is a terrific piece of software :smiley:

all the best

Are you sure that it’s Monaco and not Courier, and that you haven’t entered scriptwriting mode by accident? Is your word count still visible beneath the editor?
All the best,

Hi, Keith,

thanks for your reply, and

  1. no, the font is definitely Monaco
  2. no Scriptwriting mode ON - well, I just noticed that ‘Cmd-8’ turns Scriptwriting on, and I’m using ClipMenu, where you can press ‘Cmd-number (0/9)’ to paste the first 10 clips in the list, so it’s possible…

I don’t think this is the problem, nonetheless I’m keeping an eye on this and next time it will occur, I’ll check if script mode in on.

See you later:-)

all the best