Sudden indented text on new line

I’ve been writing quite happily this morning but suddenly on a new page of text I’m seeing the start of new lines appearing with an indent for no obvious reason and I can’t seem to correct it. I’ve deleted the page in question and started again but it keeps coming back and it’s hard to see what could be causing this. Just as a test I wrote some completely random nonsense and it’s still happening.

Does anybody know what could be causing this? It only seems to be happening with newly created pages rather than ones I was editing from before.

You will have set a hanging indent accidentally. Just make the ruler visible (Cmd-R) and set the margin properly.


Thanks Martin you were right as usual and I’ve now enabled the ruler so it is visible by default. Hopefully that should stop this happening again in future. Show me a fool proof system and I’m the fool to prove you wrong :wink: