Sudden interruption lost information

Igår fredag 20210827 stängde programmet ner oväntat medan jag skrev ut en pdf-fil.

Överst på pdf-dokumentet står versionen
Scriv GIFT nr2 [2021_08_14_13_05_22] [2021_08_14_22_17_39]
[2021_08_15_23_44_18] - 2021-08-27 23:38.
Versionen går ej att hitta.
Jag hade inte tagit backup på någon dag. Kan jag återvinna den informationen som har försvunnit?

Yesterday, Friday 20210827, the program shut down unexpectedly while I was printing a pdf file.

At the top of the pdf document is the version Scriv GIFT nr2 [2021_08_14_13_05_22] [2021_08_14_22_17_39] [2021_08_15_23_44_18] - 2021-08-27 23:38.
The version cannot be found.
I had not backed up in a day. Can I recover the information that has disappeared?

Kind Regards

Could please elaborate more on this?

Why can’t you just reprint the file? Scrivener autosaves constantly, you can’t have lost your source manuscript.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, I know that the material is always saved. But when I restarted, some of the recent work had disappeared. I guess it was some kind of crash because the program ended abruptly. I guess I have to recreate the latest work …

Yeah, it auto-saves after you pause any kind of activity within the software for two seconds, by default. So if you had been working continuously up until the crash, it may not have had a chance to save the last bit you were working on, unfortunately.

It’s worth going into File ▸ Options..., under General: Saving, and making sure Auto-save after is not set to something so high that it’s rarely saving.

Thanks so much i will check