Sudden problems Scrivener

Hello. 3 days ago Scrivener started to refuse to take a word doc. I had apple reinstall my system and make sure it is running, but Scrivener refuses to comply. I get the spinning ball every time I open a new file.

What can be wrong? This happend 3 days ago without anything new going on …

By “take” a word doc, you mean … import? Import and split?

No. Thanks for taking the time to answer. This is SERIOUS not involving word. I had Apple try to sort it out thinking it was a computer problem but they isolated Scrivener. The program does not launch correctly and as soon as I choose a scriv doc it gets the beach ball and I need to force quit.

I believe I need a Scriv technician to solve this - already 6 hours with apple

Getting in touch with customer support is definitely a good idea.

But maybe us users here can be of some help too. You just have to be more precise in describing what happens and in what environment.

For example: Which version of macOS are you using? Intel machine or M1? Which version of Scrivener? Where did you buy it, in the Mac App Store or directly from Lit&Lat? Did the malfunction coincide with something like an update of any kind? Do you get the spinning beachball with all Scrivener projects or just with one? Where did you save them, locally or on some cloud or remote drive?

Thank you - yes grateful for your help. MacOS Big Sur version 11.4. I uploaded and deleted the latest Scriver file from Lit and Latte several times, so the latest version. Not sure what Intel machine means - bought it from the Apple store 2 years ago.

Malfunction happened 3 days ago for no reason. At that time, it was “only” when I tried close and save… it took too long to save and close. Help desk suggested I remove the zip backup option.

Then the backup was faster, but then the "import’ function when I tried to import a word doc failed. This was new - I’d been doing it every day since pandemic

Apple and I spoke for eight hours this weekend trying to define (initially) this issue, which turned out to be a space issue, which had been delt with. I now have my computer less than half full and the rest on dropbox.

Yet no matter how many times I restart, download Scrivener from the Lit Latte site, and try to open a file the beach ball happens

Did you move your project while recovering space?

If so, the Recent Projects menu may be untrustworthy. Try opening it from Finder instead.

I hate to say it but Apple gave you a bum steer there. Apart from the fact that suggesting something of that nature is outside of an advisor’s Scope of Support.

I’m dismayed (as an ex Apple manager) that you would have spent 8 hours working a couple of issues that should have been very quick to action. Once they discussed freeing up disk space, they should have referred you to L&L tech support to raise a case. If only a single application is having an issue, while free disk space can be an issue, it is very unusual for it to be an OS level issue.

Intel refers to the processor family. A couple of year old device will be Intel. Product purchased within the past 8 months could be Intel or Apple (M1) depending on model.

Have you tried starting a new project and saving?

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While it didn’t fix this particular problem, it’s not actually bad advice. We’ve seen a few cases where the system level ZIP tool misbehaves for whatever reason, and unzipped backups work fine while zipped backups don’t.

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Not something we had in our list of issues, but then app issues other than install/remove generally outside SOP. Personally I would have asked the question which doesn’t appear to be mentioned - does this happen on a new project or current.

My main concern is the number of hours spent which, without knowing the specifics seems excessive.

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RuffPub. Thanks. I just re-installed Scrivener and did as you said - I get the spinning ball on the new project. Since I just cleaned out my hard drive and re-installed a fresh version of scrivener I am curious what can be going on.

Every time I launch scrivener I need to force quit my computer.

Thanks. As I told RuffPub downloaded a new copy of S and tried to launch a new project. Spinning wheel and to force quit

And every other program works fine?

Spoke to Apple again and did a hard reset of computer. Before that program crashed. Now it opened … but just now in first few minutes of using. Okay for now and I will report back if issues.

Thanks to all for answering! I was in a panic!

What did this entail? There’s actually no such thing as a ‘hard reset’ of a Mac. Recovery mode, Internet Recovery?