Sudden unwanted change of text style

I have a problem which very much gets on my nerves.

I have a document in which a default text style is optima. Suddenly without any reason whatsoever when I am just writing the text changes to Licia Grand Text style.

I have done three things in order to prevent this behaviour.

  1. I marked the whole document and changed it to optima text style
  2. I converted the whole document to default text style (which is optima text style too)

Thanks a lot for help
P.S. I appreciate Scrivener very much it the best writing tool I have had and it helps me in my daily work tremendosly !

Does it happen after you have inserted bullet points or a symbol of some sort? Some symbols don’t appear in all fonts, and when you go to insert a symbol (or bullet point) that doesn’t exist in the current font, the OS X text system inserts it in Lucida Grande. It then swaps the font back to the one you were using for typing, but if you move the cursor somewhere else and back again, the typing attributes can pick up the formatting of the symbol.

Thanks for the kind words!

All the best,

Dear Keith,
thanks for your prompt reply.
then I will try to put default text style Cochin.

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Good luck!!!