Suddenly can't export

As of Friday whenever I try to export a Scrivener document into a Word document the window that opens no longer has an export button I can click. It’s like the whole bottom half has disappeared. I’m using a Mac Air laptop. Because I’m now afraid the whole Scrivener might take a dive, I’m using an external drive to transfer all my manuscripts to my other computer and Scrivener there. In any case I’m glad I have backups of the Word docs already so that I can access them. Has anyone had this problem before? It just started and it’s so bizarre!


Have you tried reinstalling the software on the MacBook Air yet? Sometimes the buttons and window layouts can get messed up over time, particularly during updates, and a simple replacement of the software from a fresh source will clear these issues up. It is very unlikely it has anything to do with your project.

Hi there,

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t tried reinstalling yet. I’d thought of it but then wondered if anyone else had encountered the problem before. I’ll look at trying a reinstall and let you all know what happens.


Okay, NOW I can’t uninstall the program so I can hopefully reinstall. This is a Mac Air laptop. If I try and drag the Scrivener icon to the trash it won’t go in there. :slight_smile: Ideas?


Other than making sure it is closed, I have sometimes seen programs get jammed up so you can’t delete them. This usually clears up after a reboot, but in my experience you can just rename it to something else, like “Scrivener-Don’t Use”, and it won’t fuss about that. Now you can drag in a fresh copy and update your Dock icon if necessary.