Suddenly, compile to .pdf via Word 2010 no longer works

I’ve been compiling to .pdf via MS Office and was very close to having a final version.

Then I rebooted my machine. Now when I compile to .pdf, I see (very briefly) a temporary .rtf file (with a GUID filename) in the target directory, which disappears just before Scrivener reports the compile is complete, and I never see the expected second progress bar for conversion to .pdf.

Compilling to .pdf via Scrivener works, but that strips out my hyperlinks, so I really need the Word conversion.

I’ve checked Word 2010 and it seems to be fine.

Suggestions, anyone?

More on this topic:

The font of my title page changed yesterday, to Gill Sans Extra Condensed Bold, apparently of its own accord. I changed it back and compiled successfully via Word.

After the reboot, the unwanted font change reappeared when I opened the project, and even though I change it back and save, still, the next time Scrivener opens, the title page is back at Gill Sans. Eventually I got tired of changing the font back and compiled with Gill Sans. Now the compile via Word works as expected. Other less unsuitable fonts also work.

So the question is, what is so upsetting about Korinna BT that Scrivener keeps changing it to Gill Sans, and if I change it back, then the project won’t compile properly?