Suddenly, my text won't compile. What did I do?

I’ve just experienced something uncomfortable, and I’m wondering what manipulation could have caused this result. I was working on a fiction text of about 60 pages, consisting of approximately 25 scenes or short chapters. I made various adjustments and revisions to the text itself, then used the Label function to assign subplots to each scene. As usual, at the end of the session, I started by checking the project statistics. Oddly enough, there were no compiled words at all.

I checked that each scene/chapter has its “included in compilation” checkbox marked (which is the case) and that the text is still present in Scrivener (which is also the case). I moved on to the Compilation itself: my Scenes/Chapters are no longer part of the compilation, only the Folders. No matter how much I search, I can’t find the problem that I surely caused through some mishandling. Do you have any ideas regarding this issue?


In the compile panel, above the document list on the right.

If you compile a selection, make sure the “Include subdocuments” box is ticked.

And check that your filter (the funnel, same place more or less) isn’t on, and set to filter a label.

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Thank u so much.
There was ac active filter!

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