Suddenly unable to drag text around


I am suddenly unable to drag text around within a document. I’m waiting long enough once the selection is made for it recognize that I intend to drag it, but once I release the mouse button, the text simply returns to it’s original position. I’m not getting that marker that used to show up to indicate where to drop the text that was dragged.

Any ideas? If there is preference for this, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that I’ve fiddled with it.


What version of Scrivener are you on (Scrivener > About Scrivener)? And is this in page view mode or regular mode? If it’s in page view mode, does this happen on the first page as well, or only on pages after the first? (There was a fix made in Scrivener 2.2 that addressed a bug introduced in Lion with drags made on pages after the first in Page View.)

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I’m using 2.2.

Rebooting Scrivener has now cured the problem …
Thanks for your attention.