Suddenly, unable to read from Backup file

There was some unidentifiable screw-up this morning and, suddenly, I cannot open a project from backup.


This is the message I get when I try to open any of the backed up projects.

When I open the one project that does open, the text files are empty. However, the size of the project on disk is 809 Kb.

Any ideas will be appreciated. This is a lot of work to lose…

It appears that you are trying to open a backup that is still zipped.

I don’t believe Scrivener will work with a zip folder.

If you want to open and work from that backup, then you should is unzip the backup folder someplace, maybe to your desktop. Then double-click on the .scrivx folder to open. If it looks good, close scrivener, and move the backup project folder to your normal writing folder. If the original project folder is still in your writing folder, you should rename if prior to attempting to moving the backup project folder.

But what happened to your original project file that you can no longer use it?

We have this situation at all times, and can only unzip or open backup files from the appdata location by saving them to another drive and then renaming them. Then Scrivener will open them.

I’ll follow the steps! Thank you so much… I have no idea what happened to the original… I was trying to continue where I had left off when suddenly the window closed. Did I do something wrong? Did I hit the wrong key? Who knows? But, overall, Scrivener has some (rare) such quirks… Thanks again…

Have you set a more convenient backup file location by going to menu “Tools” then “Options” then “Backup” where you can set a new folder location for backups?

Not sure how having a different backup location would eliminate the need to unzip every time? Is there a way to set backups so they are not zipped?

OK, I found it under Tools/Options/Backups to deselect zipping. Thanks.