Suggest title at first save

Apologies in advance if my search of the Wish List requests failed to disclose a previous request for this feature.
The new beta of Bean (version 2) offers a preference item called “Suggest title at first save.” When it’s turned on, every time you hit “Save” in a new document, Bean automatically suggests the first few words in the document as the title. More often than not, this is what I’d use anyway, or something close to it. Can Scrivener adopt this feature?
Thanks for considering it.

I’m not really sure what you mean… Scrivener doesn’t ask you for a title beyond the first time you create your project, as it auto-saves. Scrivener projects are created on disk before you even start work on your project (necessarily). So I’m a bit baffled by the suggestion… Perhaps you could clarify? If you are asking whether Scrivener can adopt a different way of saving where things only get saved to disk after a window/project is created then the answer is no, because of Scrivener’s package format and its handling of multiple files rather than just one.

My apologies for the unclear request – brain was fried from a long day of writing for money. I mean suggest a title for clippings created via the Services menu. I bring most of my info into Scriv via clippings from emails or web pages, so it’d be handy to have a Preference option that suggests the first line be the title rather than the only option being, say, “Clipping [19 Dec 2008, 16:44].” Thanks again.

Ah, right, I see. Well, I still have clippings improvements on the list for the next update, so I’ll look at this when I get around to that, though I can’t promise anything.
All the best,

That’s all I can ask. (Well, that and automatic capture of web clippings’ source URL to Document Notes or References, which you’ve already explained is difficult or impossible, so I won’t.) Maybe James, the developer of Bean, can help with the Suggest Title command. Thanks for considering it, and as always, thanks again for the Best App Ever!