Suggested feature: "e-x-p-a-n-d"

I use Scapple to organize sprawling sets of ideas. I add new relational links and interstitial material constantly. The problem I have is that I run out of space for new notes in the locations they should be placed. I’m sure I"m not alone in using the distance between notes as an indicator of salience of connection. I could perhaps successively use distribute horizontal and distribute vertical after creating some notes to anchor the corners, but this wouldn’t preserve the proportions. The data representing the length of the link connecting two notes must reside somewhere in the document. It would be very helpful if it were possible to have all of these link lengths be scaled up proportionately so that the whole scapple occupied a larger canvas. The notes wouldn’t be resized—though perhaps background shapes would be… This would create needed space within the document to add more material. Thank you for your product as is, and as it might be.