Suggested Fix for Image Locations?

On windows, I kept all of the Scrivener-related images in a particular folder. That worked great because I had a lot of the same characters and settings in different projects.

However, now that I’ve migrated to Mac, that folder no longer exists.

Any suggestions for fixing that? Do I have to go to each of those links and fix them?


PS Cards that contain images can no longer be wider than they are tall, is that true? That means a lot of wasted space for me, since I’ve always made the images be landscape.

AFAIK, you are correct about the index cards; If you change the shape of index cards, index cards with images get stuck at square and will not go into a landscape config. If, however, you like index cards that are square or portrait, the cards with images will line up just fine.

Sounds like a wish list item to me. :smiley:

If you move your images to the Mac (for example, to /Users/Al/Documents/BookImages/), assuming you keep the image names the same, you can update all the image paths by searching for:


And replacing with:


Close the project and then reopen it to force the files to update.

Test this with one image before making global changes.

If you only need to drop the C: part, you could, of course, shorten the search and replace, so long as it is still unique enough to only impact on updating the image paths and not any other text. It all depends on where you choose to store the images on the Mac.

Slàinte mhòr.

Yup! The Edit ▸ Find ▸ Project Replace tool is probably going to be of considerable use here in fixing all of these up. I’d also add that the “MISSING_IMAGE:” part of this warning is also text, which means you can search for that using Project Search. Consider creating a saved search collection that looks for that string in all fields. It will help you track down any stray references.

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The “MISSING_IMAGE:” part doesn’t actually need to be replaced though, does it? It is generated as an error message, and it disappears (at least it did in my tests) if the path is corrected and the project closed and reopened.

Slàinte mhòr.

No, that shouldn’t be replaced, only the parts of the path that are wrong. The tag itself though can be searched for, so if you have a project that potentially has a number of missing images, running a project search (not replace) for them can be handy in hunting them down.

Thanks, Ioa. Understood. Wanted to be sure.

Slàinte mhòr.

Worked like a charm. Thanks!