Suggested improvements for Links

I use links a lot in my research notes.

2 Suggestions:

  1. When it’s a web link, if I paste in . don’t add another http:// in front of the link.

  2. Allow adding a button for New Link to the toolbar.

  3. Allow adding a button for Scrivener Link to the toolbar.

The former shouldn’t be happening, and the latter will be improved in the next upgrade.

Oh, also consider using the Automatically detect web addresses option in the Corrections preference pane. With that you can completely do away with the user interface; the whole menu command + panel + settings + click OK routine. Simply Cmd-V the URL into the editor, hit space to trigger recognition, then Shift-Cmd-LeftArrow to select the whole link and type over it to add hyperlinked text to the URL. Alternatively if the link is in the middle of a paragraph, right-click on it once to automatically select the entire link, tap Esc and then overtype.

I’d check out the documentation on the various ways to create links. There are a number of techniques that I consider to be superior to using a central menu—like opt-dragging the item from a view into an editor (which can be done on top of a selection to link the selected text instead of inserting a named link). I also like the [[wiki link]] option.

Generally we avoid adding too much formatting level controls in the toolbar though. If we added every function that has been asked for in the toolbar, the entire menu system would be jammed into that thing, with hundreds of icons to scroll through.

Finally, look into custom keyboard shortcuts. Mac menus are designed the way they are often primarily to provide hooks for us to bind F# keys and other shortcuts to functions. Think of it this way: you’ve got around 12 “toolbar buttons” sitting along the top of your keyboard, not counting the modifier keys we can add to them.

Thank you for all the great suggestions!