[Suggestion] A few more color choices

Much appreciation for all of Scrivener’s custom color capabilities, some effected via Options, others via the Windows Theme. They enable users to combat eye strain, and create an appealing research and writing environment.

This is a request for a bit more of the same: user choice in colors that at present remain hardcoded in Scrivener.

Custom Meta Data appears to be the only section of the Inspector whose background color is neither selected via Options nor governed by the theme. It’s forced to white, a mismatch for some users.
And it would really be nice to be able to customize the fallback text color on index cards, the one used when we haven’t created a synopsis. The excerpt from the beginning of the document is my preferred card content, so I’d prefer it black, not limited to a faded color.
Thanks for considering!

Rgds - Jerome

Agreed. The places where you can’t make changes are jarring. This includes the overall toolbars/titlebars, and especially the rulerbar area. I change all the colors pretty much everywhere to get rid of whites and grays–ie, to get rid of blue light as much as possible all the way to the outer edges of my screen. I get a lot of migraines so blue is bad.

Also, gray does not go so well with the southwest sandstone theme I use.

I know that changing the colors may not change whether there are blue wavelengths coming through, but the colors I pick FEEL better on my eyes. However, the ruler bars and other areas are unwelcome bright spots.

I’d also like to be able to set the default font for notes. I have to change the size every time, otherwise it’s like 14 or something, obnoxiously huge in that small place. It seemed you could do this in the past, but I might not be remembering clearly. I haven’t found a way to do it in 3.

What about the pane background color for Comments and Footnotes? “Comment background” sets the background for the individual comments, but not the pane.

That color is governed by the Windows Theme. Not as easy to manage as it would be under Options > Appearance, but still we’re not limited to the developer’s choice.
Rgds - Jerome

The default notes font and size can be set in Options > Editing under the Formatting tab.